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19:08 Ticket #1396 (MVME5500 BSP Bug fixes and performance upgrade - a stable version) closed by Joel Sherrill


00:55 TBR/Website/APT/Yum_Repository edited by JoelSherrill
add toc (diff)


21:45 Ticket #1368 (DOSFS/FAT file creation date is incorrect.) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: Fixed in 4.10.
21:44 Ticket #1273 ([libfs, dosfs] readdir confused by long filenames) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: LFN as been added,
21:43 Ticket #1383 (filesystem off_t is limited to 32bits) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: Added rtems_off64_t and updated the internal file system handlers to support it.
21:42 Ticket #1397 (DOSFS format write MRB every time and clear partition data) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: The format command does not change the partition information.


12:53 Ticket #1389 (Refactor login code) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: Fixed in 4.10.
12:52 Ticket #1356 (Add support for High Capacity SD and MMC cards to RTEMS) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: Fixed in 4.10.
12:47 Ticket #1408 (Universally Unique Identifiers) created by Sebastian Huber
We should add a library for UUIDs. UUIDs are used for example in the …
08:44 Ticket #1407 (Thread dispatch after interrupt processing) created by Sebastian Huber
A common task of interrupt handlers is to do a thread dispatch after …


11:37 Ticket #1406 (Invariant dhcp transaction ID can confuse dhcp state machine.) created by Tim Cussins
The dhcp code in rtems uses an unchanging transaction id (xid) in the …
10:48 Release/4.10 edited by ChrisJohns
Boot command line changes. (diff)
10:44 Release/4.10 edited by ChrisJohns
BSP Command line. (diff)
10:13 Ticket #1384 (dhcp/bootp initialise failure) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: Fixed and committed to CVS.
10:12 Ticket #1338 (Check return value on rtems_event_receive in rtems_dhcp.c) closed by Chris Johns
fixed: Fix committed to CVS.


01:42 Projects/MMU_Support created by Aanjhan
New page: Student : Aanjhan Ranganathan Mentor : Thomas Doerfler == Abstract == Most modern processors have Memory Management Unit Hardware built into the…


12:02 Ticket #1405 (dhcp request includes host name option even if hostname is zero length.) created by Tim Cussins
DHCP requests add the hostname option in dhcp_request_req() - this is …


21:52 Ticket #1404 (The Haleakala BSP lacks a network driver) created by Michael Hamel
The enclosed driver has been tested and seems to work reliably


07:02 Ticket #1403 (TRUE and FALSE are not defined) created by Sebastian Huber
The CPU definition files for the super core use TRUE and FALSE heavily …
03:26 Developer/GSoC/ProjectManagement edited by JoelSherrill
update pending new melange capabilities which debut tomorrow (diff)
00:25 Developer/GSoC/ProjectManagement edited by JoelSherrill
/* Q&A */ Answer mentor disappearing question (diff)
00:19 Developer/GSoC/ProjectManagement edited by Vattam
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