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References from 1997

Table of Contents

  1. References from 1997

  • "Communication and distribution tools for embedded distributed applications: a case study with Ada 95 and its distributed systems annex," Pierre Dissaux, Laurent Pautet, Lars Björnfot, Yvon Kermarrec and Dominique LeCampion??, Ravenscar UK, April 1997
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  • "Developing Embedded Systems in Ada95 with GNAT/RTEMS," Workshop on Methods and Tools for Ada95 Distributed and Real-Time System, ENST, Brest, France, September 1997.

  • "Design and Development of the Real- Time Message Passing Interface (MPI/ RT) Standard", Anthony Skjellum (MSU) and Arkady Kanevsky (MITRE), presented at HPEC-97, September 18, 1997.
  • ​Evaluation of RTOS systems from ​ERA UK. ASSC/330/2/141-Issue 1. March 1997.