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RTEMS References

This page attempts to capture all published references to RTEMS only ignoring mailing list archives. It should include both positive and negative references, although there are not many negative ones. :) It should include papers on applications and research projects that used RTEMS.

Please feel free to add references you know of to conference papers, presentations, web sites, product brochures, white papers, papers which only mention RTEMS, etc. It is only with the help of the community that this page can be current and complete.

The following are links to pages for references published during the indicated year.

Reference Page Instructions

Each of the year reference pages should adhere to the following rules:

  • Author name followed by title and information on where published, presented, etc. The goal is to be able to find the article as easily and quickly as possible.
  • If available online, a URL. If the link is dead, don't delete it yet. It could be in the Wayback Machine. The RTEMS Project is considering how to find these and the dead link is useful information.
  • Sort the references by the first author's last name. If a company, then just use their. For example, something from the "RTEMS Project" with no author would be an "R".
  • De-duplicate the references. If the same paper/presentation was published twice in separate venues or conferences, include it twice. But the references would look different in that case.
  • Trac automatically treats certain words as if they were references (e.g., those with CamelCase), which will then appear as (typically broken) links. Prefix these with a '!'
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