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Code Swarm is a FOSS project whose goal is to provide visualization of source code revision histories. In simpler terms, using Code Swarm, one can create a video showing the commit history of a project.

JoelSherrill has created a Code Swarm video for RTEMS and has left some details of turning the raw Code Swarm output into a more meaningful video as tasks for students participating in Google Code-in 2011. These tasks are:

  • Produce a list of "interesting times" in the video which show high activity or interesting patterns.
  • An RTEMS developer will provide a description of the activity at each "interesting time"
  • Add an introduction to the video consisting of at least
    • a title
    • credits which associates the committer used ids in the video with real names, credits the person who produced the list of interesting times, the developer who documented those times, and the student adding the introduction
  • Add text overlays at interesting times with descriptions. The descriptions may have a size limit and have to be trimmed.

The Code Swarm video and a file containing the generated frames that comprise the video are available on the RTEMS FTP site which is accessible via ftp or HTTP.

Interesting Times in Video

This is a list of interesting times in the video along with descriptions:

  • 12 May 1995 - Source code is moved from U.S. Army to OAR and CVS Repository started.


  • JoelSherrill - configured and ran Code Swarm to produce initial video