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RTEMS Experience: 1989+

    Joel DOT Sherrill AT OARCorp DOT com

   OAR Corporation
   7047 Old Madison Pike
   Suite 320
   Huntsville AL 35806

I am Director of Research and Development at OAR Corporation in Huntsville Alabama USA. I am one of the original RTEMS developers, current maintainer, and a member of the Steering Committee. I am on the GCC Steering Committee and try to make sure RTEMS stays current with all GNU tools. If you attend an RTEMS class, I will be teaching it. I have stayed busy over the years with RTEMS and have:

  • designed, written, and optimized large portions of RTEMS
    • RTEMS itself
    • ports to new CPU families
    • new Board Support Packages
  • designed and written applications
  • written documentation
  • worked on the toolsets
  • ported third party libraries to RTEMS
  • taught classes on RTEMS
  • spoken at conferences and seminars

In addition to my RTEMS activities, I regularly consult on real-time application systems architecture, design, implementation, requirements analysis, etc. I have worked on numerous real-time systems in a variety of domains.

I love to consult on RTEMS. Give me a try. :)

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