Season of Docs

RTEMS has applied to be a participating organization in Google's Season of Docs 2019.

Please use this page as a jumping off point for participating in GSoD with RTEMS, and ask plenty of questions. We want you to be a part of the RTEMS community!

Potential Technical Writers:

  • Read through all the material on this page.
  • Talk to us on IRC (#rtems on or the RTEMS mailing lists (users or devel, subscribe first).
  • If accepted as an organization, students applying to the RTEMS Project will need to fill out an application at Google Season of Docs.
  • You will also need to fill in and later update the information found on the RTEMS GSoD 2019 tracking page.
  • We also require you to build the current RTEMS documentation, modify it, and build it again. The GSoD Getting Started page has some more information.
  • Pick a project from the list at Documentation Projects. This is by no means an all-inclusive list and we are open to suggestions. Submissions of new high-quality documentation that fills a need are always welcomed.
  • Write to your heart's content and have a great experience!

Potential Mentors:

  • Share your knowledge and pledge to help a tech writer.
  • Help the tech writer succeed!

General Program Information and Guidance

The RTEMS project will furnish not only a mentor, but a co-mentor, and one or two additional people to help with keeping effort meaningful for everyone involved.

We really want your experience to be the first step in your successful and long term participation in our project or with other open-source documentation efforts.

Tech Writer Information

We want you to hit the ground running, so you need to build RTEMS documentation, modify it a little, and regenerate the documentation. Please visit the RTEMS GSoD Getting Started page for details.

Please read through the GSoD Tech Writer Guide.

Fill out the official Google application and fill out an entry in the RTEMS GSoD 2019 tracking page.


Historical Information

The RTEMS Community is proud to have participated in previous editions of the Google Summer of Code as well as Google Code-in (GCI), and in multiple editions of the European Space Agency Summer of Code in Space. We are excited to be applying to participate in the inaugural Google Season of Docs.

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