GSoD Getting Started - Build RTEMS Documentation

The goal of this page is to help you build the RTEMS documentation to become familiar with some of our documentation tools.

Please join the users and devel mailing lists and ask questions. Help correct any deficiencies in the documentation you spot, including those on the wiki. The ultimate goal of GSoD is to help you become comfortable participating in open source communities.

Build the Docs

The RTEMS Documentation Suite viewable at is built using the Sphinx toolset which supports the reStructuredText mark up format. The source for the RTEMS Documentation is maintained in git just like the RTEMS Source Code.

Download the source code for the RTEMS documentation by using git clone as follows:

git clone git://

Follow the instructions in the file README.txt in the top of the rtems-docs source tree. It provides guidance on installing the needed tools on various host operating systems. It does not include guidance for as many hosts as the instructions for building RTEMS do. Helping the RTEMS Project improve these instructions would be beneficial to everyone. Completing this task enables you to be able to modify the documentation and submit changes.

  • Using Git HowTo use git including instructions to generate a patch, needed in the next section.

Making Changes to Existing Docs

Edit a page in the Users Guide and produce a PDF file of that document with your change. Submit that PDF along with a patch as proof of your ability to make changes to the documentation. Send the proof to one of the Org Admins, or ask on the mailing list how to submit proof.

Making the process of building the documentation easier for the next person is a great way to start contributing to RTEMS. Feel free to suggest improvements to the README.txt, give us information on host operating systems that are not included, or provide other feedback about the process.


Check out the RTEMS Season of Docs page. Join the IRC channel and users/devel mailing lists. Become part of the RTEMS community. Talk to potential mentors, and check out the open documentation projects if you have not already done so.

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