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RTEMS BSP for HiFive1

Student: Obrezkov Denis.

Mentors: Joel Sherrill, Hesham Almatary.

Introduction: Blog.

Goal of the project: The goal of this project is to allow a developer to utilize a full power from a HiFive1 processor by means of providing POSIX-compliant RTOS capabilities for Freedom E310 cores.

Project Objectives: At the of the project I want to have a working with capabilities of task switching and interrupt handling. Another objective is haveing working console and clock drivers.

Description and references

Hifive1 board is a small evaluation board with a SiFive? Freedom E310-G000 SoC. Freedom E310-G000 SoC (FE310-G000) is built around the E31 Coreplex instantiated in the Freedom E300 platform. E31 Coreplex core implements RISC-V architecture. References:

HiFive1 Getting Started Guide

Freedom E310-G000 Manual

Freedom E300 Platform Reference Manual

E31 Coreplex Manual

RISC-V architecture description

Note: at the time of the writing the current Privileged Mode draft is of version 1.10. But E31 Coreplex core implements PM v.1.8 or v.1.9.