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13:14 Ticket #1315 (VARIANTS in *.cfg) closed by Ralf Corsepius
fixed: VARIANT died years ago.
13:13 Ticket #1220 (GCC_PKGVERS not handled by mingw32/ closed by Ralf Corsepius
fixed: I think PR is obsolete.
11:59 Ticket #1476 (libtests/stringto01 missing init.c) closed by Joel Sherrill
10:22 Ticket #1476 (libtests/stringto01 missing init.c) created by Ralf Corsepius
libtest/stringto01 is lacking files: ... Making all in stringto01 …
09:25 Ticket #1402 (possible memory leak in cpukit\libblock\src\ide_part_table.c) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: Fixed on CVS head.
09:23 Ticket #1454 (RTEMS_GENERIC_BLOCK_DEVICE_DRIVER_ENTRIES declaration is incompatible ...) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: Fixed on CVS head.
09:20 Ticket #1426 (ioctl RTEMS_BLKIO_SYNCDEV not work) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: Apparently fixed.


12:57 Developer/Eclipse/Information edited by Sh
Update CDT scanner discovery URL (diff)


18:07 History/Timeline edited by JoelSherrill
/* Events in 2009 */ Add some more (diff)
13:53 Ticket #1460 (Missing decls rtems_object_api_minimum_class/rtems_object_api_maximum_class) closed by Joel Sherrill
fixed: Patch committed to head. Thanks for reviewing this.


03:02 Ticket #1475 (SIZE_MAX) created by Ralf Corsepius
stdint.h's SIZE_MAX is wrong in GCC/newlib for several targets. …


14:45 History/Timeline edited by Mscheible
/* Events in 2009 */ (diff)


14:31 Ticket #1474 (read/write a logical disc is not transparent) created by Oleg
According to sources read/write operations with logical disk without …
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