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read/write a logical disc is not transparent

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According to sources read/write operations with logical disk without bdbuf library (i.e. not via file system, but as raw block devices) will not work.

This is because bdbuf read/write code uses absolute block offsets (related to physical device) when running RTEMS_BLKIO_REQUEST operations, and as the result generic ioctl code does not do this, but it seems to me that a requester should not know the details of disk organization, and should NOT use absolute value in rtems_blkdev_sg_buffer::block field!

But instead generic rtems_blkdev_generic_ioctl() function SHOULD add necessary offset.

I can see that Thomas modified rtems_blkdev_generic_ioctl() function a bit and now it passes pointer to a rtems_disk_device data structure instead of physical disk device identifier.

From my opinion this was not a good solution, and he should have done the following instead:

  • update bdbuf in a way that it uses relative block offsets in rtems_blkdev_sg_buffer::block field.
  • update rtems_blkdev_generic_ioctl() that it add necessary offset to rtems_blkdev_sg_buffer::block field, OR better this offset should be passed to a driver ioctl() handler.

Now you have not very good situation, because:

  • device drivers should know about logical/physical devices (at least ATA driver calls rtems_disk_physical_device_number(dd) function, which is BAD.
  • there is no generic support code for logical devices - each reader should take care of "start" of a logical device;
  • from application point of view read/write to/from logical/physical device should not differ in any detail, but right now this is not the case - an application should add "start" offset for logical device.

Thomas, what do you think?
You were a guy who modified it recently, even though it was incorrect before as well, but you might have fixed this if you started this work.

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Fixed in CVS.

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