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#3831 closed defect (fixed)

Duplicate description of Tiers and Rules

Reported by: Joel Sherrill Owned by: Chris Johns
Priority: normal Milestone: 5.1
Component: doc Version: 5
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I think is intended to be the real site of this information. However, also describes the tiers rules with slightly different language.

I think the Wiki page can be reviewed and removed. But any references and sub-pages should be dealt with at the same time. shows two sub-pages to deal with:

This would eliminate a few pages and a point of duplication for a very important concept to the RTEMS Project.

Change History (6)

comment:1 Changed on 12/04/19 at 13:26:37 by Sebastian Huber

I removed both ARM pages. The information was out of date since a couple of years.

comment:2 Changed on 12/04/19 at 13:28:09 by Joel Sherrill

Thanks. I tripped across this doing the FSW slides. Were there links to these pages?

comment:3 Changed on 12/04/19 at 13:31:34 by Sebastian Huber

How can we figure out if there are links?

The Developer/Architectures? looks like content which should be synchronized with the user manual and then get deleted.

comment:4 Changed on 12/05/19 at 14:34:51 by Christian Mauderer

I would interpret the two sources slightly different:

  1. The manual (at sounds like tires are a per commit property. That would mean that every published result tells "The BSP has this Tire on commit/release xyz". That seems like a sane approach.
  2. The wiki on the other hand tells something about "all commits". That's a quite inaccurate description. It doesn't tell what the first commit is. So in theory every commit since RTEMS exists has to build and work for that board. That is just is impossible. Beneath that the wiki allows simulator results in tire 1. So it's not entirely clear what the difference to tire 2 is.

I would vote for dropping the inaccurate description in the wiki in favor of the more accurate one in the manual.

comment:5 Changed on 12/12/19 at 17:00:11 by Joel Sherrill <joel@…>

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

In [changeset:"01be51383f39afb3803a05f4bbcce5d91737b06e/rtems-docs" 01be513/rtems-docs]:

user/hardware/tiers.rst: Merge info from Wiki.

Tiers had a write up on the Wiki which was similar but different.
Merged content from the Wiki which allows the Wiki page to be

closes #3831.

comment:6 Changed on 12/12/19 at 17:29:08 by Joel Sherrill

Wiki page deleted.

Sebastian: I searched for the Wiki page name in only wiki pages. Maybe there is another way but that confirmed it had no refernces.

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