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Update no_cpu/no_bsp for currently applicable advice

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The no_bsp code is often outdated, including functions that are considered legacy and advice that may not apply or may be insufficient now.

We should update it to reflect the current approach RTEMS takes in the general sense.

Some observations:

  • no_bsp doesn't include irq-sources.am, which is critical for parts of the libbsd stack
  • no_bsp uses bsp_specs to add "-lrtemsbsp -lrtemscpu", without indication on how most other architectures carry that functionality out (i.e. through GCC itself)
  • no_bsp's linkcmds has no indication of required sections (TLS, rtemsroset, rtemsstack), or where to start building the linker script from (target-ld --verbose)
  • no_bsp's no_bsp.cfg should also document other possible options (like CPU_CFLAGS)

I'll add others as they come to me.

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