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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2169 rename(2) does not allow destination file to exist, contravenes POSIX and RTEMS documentation Chris Johns defect highest Indefinite fs
#3053 Change RTEMS License to Two Paragraph BSD enhancement high Indefinite unspecified
#3304 catalogue is wrong defect high 4.11.4 doc
#3449 Workspace corruption due to nested acquisition of API Mutex defect high 4.10.3 score
#3479 error: building rtems-tools-4.11.2-1 defect high admin
#3563 Epiphany does not build. defect high arch/epiphany
#3564 Epiphany tools do not build. defect high arch/epiphany
#3565 Or1k tools do not build. defect high arch/or1k
#3727 RTEMS 5 raises exception on mvme2100 VME CPU board (PowerPC) defect high arch/powerpc
#4050 Change verson details to be version.revision defect high 6.1 build
#4058 RSB 5/rtems-riscv fails to build on Windows defect high 5.2 tool/gdb
#2129 sync() implementation is dangerous defect normal Indefinite score
#2278 GCC FORTRAN Test Output Failures defect normal Indefinite tool/gcc
#2347 Eliminate RTEMS_INLINE_ROUTINE enhancement normal Indefinite unspecified
#2348 Timecounter: Add NTP support enhancement normal Indefinite score
#2349 Timecounter: Add PPS support enhancement normal Indefinite score
#2371 Add support for POSIX robust mutexes enhancement normal Indefinite score
#2375 tftpDriver free's current_directory defect normal 4.10.3 network/legacy
#2485 RSB: 4.10 automake build broken defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2506 RTEMS Linker and Tester Wiki Confusion Chris Johns defect normal Indefinite doc
#2518 RTEMS 4.9 cannot be built with modern texinfo (includes a fix) Chris Johns defect normal 4.9.5 unspecified
#2519 RSB cannot build RTEMS 4.9 (includes a fix) Chris Johns defect normal 4.9.5 tool/rsb
#2521 RSB cannot build RTEMS 4.9 (part 2) (includes a fix) Chris Johns defect normal 4.9.5 tool/rsb
#2522 RSB can sometimes change the wrong local git repository (includes a fix). Chris Johns defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2679 Update Scheduler Simulator To Master defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2697 Function for getting a time_t from a struct tm in UTC (like timegm on Linux and BSD) enhancement normal Indefinite tool/newlib
#2712 _rtems_octal2ulong shared by tar code. defect normal Indefinite fs
#2716 _POSIX_signals_Check_signal() may pass random data to sigaction handler defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2724 Compiling GCC 4.4.7 for rtems 4.10 branch fails when compiled with newer GCC Chris Johns defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2746 RTEMS gdb python script do not load. defect normal 5.2 tool/gdb
#2753 Wrong path to patches defect normal 4.9.5 tool/rsb
#2779 building rtems-4.10 using rsb 4.12 (git upstream) fails due to several erros defect normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#2831 libstdc++ silently fails in case POSIX key operations fail due to insufficient resources enhancement normal Indefinite score
#2833 POSIX header files should move to Newlib enhancement normal Indefinite tool
#2834 Cilk Plus support defect normal Indefinite tool
#2869 Remove support for 16-bit object identifiers enhancement normal 6.1 score
#2870 Select and port NTP client (ntpd) enhancement normal Indefinite unspecified
#2871 Use bibtex references thoughout the documentation defect normal 6.1 doc
#2872 Get rid of CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_PTYS enhancement normal 6.1 score
#2887 gcc snapshot sources missing for older RTEMS Source Builder versions enhancement normal Indefinite tool/rsb
#2888 Object identification by name may access freed memory in case of unlimited objects Needs Funding defect normal Indefinite score
#2891 Beagleboard BSP projects Ben Gras project normal Indefinite bsps
#2899 Improve the Raspberry Pi BSP project normal Indefinite bsps
#2901 Emulate i386 (x86) BIOS for VESA Support Pavel Pisa project normal Indefinite bsps
#2902 Port RTEMS to Microblaze Joel Sherrill project normal Indefinite bsps
#2961 Run-Time Tracing project normal Indefinite unspecified
#2973 Enable getdate() in newlib defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2974 Enable search.h functionality in newlib defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2975 Enhance support for POSIX mutex types defect normal Indefinite unspecified
#2978 Support for sigaction() sa_flags Values joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite score
#2985 Add documentation for printk() chrisj@… defect normal Indefinite doc
#3028 Run-Time Tracing chrisj@… project normal Indefinite tool
#3037 QEMU fails to exit after test, 4 BSPS joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite bsps
#3039 ppc/qemuprep: Qemu fails to boot, no boot partition found joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite bsps
#3048 RSB cannot overwrite read-only files Chris Johns defect normal Indefinite tool/rsb
#3081 gcc 7.1 fails to build in TrueOS (aka FreeBSD 12-CURRENT #66 git ac2f0aa3b) joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite tool/gcc
#3110 libbsd: openssl contains architecture-specific files defect normal Indefinite network/libbsd
#3131 Move more implementation details of mmap() to the file handlers chrisj@… enhancement normal Indefinite fs
#3146 FSJFFS2GC Test failure on Beaglebone Black chrisj@… defect normal Indefinite fs
#3149 SP 37 Test failure on Beaglebone Black joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite score
#3150 SP 51 Test failure on Beaglebone Black joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite score
#3151 Should Tests Be Added to .tcfg file Which Only Fail to Link with RTEMS Debug is Enabled? joel.sherrill@… defect normal unspecified
#3155 libdl not supported on 64-bit PowerPC joel.sherrill@… defect normal Indefinite score
#3186 rtems_print_buffer() should follow rtems_printer pattern defect normal Indefinite lib
#3192 RTL Memory Leak after module unload with dlclose() defect normal Indefinite lib/dl
#3194 RTL Infinite Loop Condition after dlopen() tries to resolve leftover external references defect normal Indefinite lib/dl
#3195 RTL Allows Unloading a Module other Modules Depend Upon defect normal Indefinite lib/dl
#3197 POSIX timer_create() should support CLOCK_MONOTONIC enhancement normal Indefinite posix
#3214 non-blocking termios interface defect normal rtems
#3233 Documentation has a number of warning that need fixing. defect normal Indefinite doc
#3241 RSB sporadically fails when fetching rtems-tools enhancement normal Indefinite tool/rsb
#3250 Remove Use of bsp_specs defect normal 6.1 build
#3251 Test stringto01 fails on targets with an FPU that lacks support for subnormal numbers defect normal Indefinite lib
#3259 m68k-rtems4.11-gcc compiler code generation error defect normal tool/gcc
#3282 or1k GCC 4.9.3 and 5.3.0 do not build on FreeBSD 11 defect normal Indefinite tool/gcc
#3288 Remove doc from RSB on 4.10 branch enhancement normal 4.10.3 tool/rsb
#3299 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/stm32f4x/hal/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/Src/stm32f4xx_hal_fmpi2c.c:2891: bad bitmask ? defect normal admin
#3300 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/console/uart_bus_pci.c:323: bad if statement ? defect normal admin
#3301 src/c/src/lib/libbsp/sparc/shared/tmtc/grtc.c:1871]: (style) Suspicious condition defect normal admin
#3310 zynq_uart_write_polled could produce a blocking scenario enhancement normal bsps
#3319 SPARC: Constructors/destructors with priority are not called defect normal 4.11.5 arch/sparc
#3335 i386 context switching for SMP is incomplete defect normal arch/i386
#3337 RISC-V Port in Supervisor Mode project normal Indefinite arch/riscv
#3338 Port CHFS to RTEMS enhancement normal Indefinite fs
#3353 Adding IDE driver for PowerPC qemuppc prep bsp enhancement normal arch/powerpc
#3356 Add support for CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME_ID enhancement normal Indefinite posix
#3372 add tests for inttypes.h methods to RTEMS defect normal Indefinite posix
#3440 Add support in tester to run coverage on supported bsp without --coverage option enhancement normal admin
#3441 Add support in covoar to generate separate report for each symbol-set defect normal admin
#3442 merge test_run and coverage_run into a single command in coverage script task normal Indefinite admin
#3466 x86_64 BSP support for libdl enhancement normal bsps
#3470 Install of arm xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu bset on Win 10 fails defect normal build
#3476 IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling enhancement normal Indefinite fs
#3477 IMFS - Add configurable allocator support enhancement normal Indefinite fs
#3481 Update no_cpu/no_bsp for currently applicable advice enhancement normal doc
#3492 Incorporate High Quality SPARC Web Page into CPU SUpplement enhancement normal Indefinite doc
#3515 covoar failure while running for full testsuites/ defect normal tool
#3521 JFFS2 has a year 2038 problem defect normal Indefinite fs/jaffs2
#3527 RTL Unresolved Symbols from common section on i386/pc686 defect normal lib/dl
#3570 Resource leak in flashdisk.c (CID 1439298) defect normal Indefinite admin
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