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Configuration GUI

RTEMS will have a full featured configuration GUI that uses RTEMS Config for the backend.


Displaying options should be a fairly easy operation using the option types. As of now there are several:

  • Boolean
  • String
  • StringList
  • Integer

Several more options will need to be added in the future such as 'Long' or 'Hex' which provide validation of values that are strings in the RTEMS source.

Base values can be seen in this file:

Configs can be loaded by adding another 'View' to the BSP configuration that will display in the appropriate pane, add help information and appropriately generate the proper widgets for each option value.


  • All aspects must be translatable with exception to any RTEMS source which will always be English.
  • Must run on OS X, Unix (Linux, *BSD) and Windows.
  • Unit tests.
  • Build system to package suitably on Windows (.msi) and OS X (.dmg).
    • Help will be provided for this portion of the project if required.