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Sep 17, 2008, 11:08:52 PM (11 years ago)

/* API Changes */ Add unified work area support and notes on BSP changes


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    4848  *  double_precision, rtems_double (use double, instead)
    50  *  TBD
     50 *  The capability to have RTEMS operate with the RTEMS Workspace and C Program Heap as a combined pool.  Historically, RTEMS has had separate memory pools for the RTEMS Workspace and C Program Heap.  Having separate pools does have some advantages in the event a task blows a stack or writes outside its memory area. However, in low memory systems the overhead of the two pools plus the potential for unused memory in either pool is very undesirable.
     51Similarly, in high memory environments, this is desirable when you want to use the RTEMS "unlimited" objects option.  You will be able to create objects until you run out of all available memory rather then just until you run out of RTEMS Workspace.  Define CONFIGURE_UNIFIED_WORK_AREAS to enable this configuration.
     53 *  All BSPs have been modified to use the BSP Framework to allocate memory to RTEMS and the C Program Heap.  It is now assumed that each BSP will provide an implementation of bsp_get_work_area() and it is HIGHLY encouraged that you use the shared one in libbsp/shared.
     55 *  With the move to have more BSPs provide bsp_get_work_area() and use more of the BSP Framework, some BSPs no longer required BSP specific actions in bsp_start().  Now there is a stub implementation of this method for BSPs not requiring it.
     57 *  Similarly, with the move to have more BSPs use more of the BSP Frameowrk, most BSPs no longer require a BSP specific implementation of bsp_pretasking_hook() and can use the shared stub implementation.
    5158= API Implementation Improvements =