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4.10 Release Notes

Open Ideas are are: RTEMS410Ideas?

This page lists the changes and improvements that are planned and/or have been made to the RTEMS development source since the 4.9 release branch was made. As usual, there will be submissions that are not expected and incorporated as ready into the 4.10 releases. In keeping with project history, the feature set of the 4.10 release series will be largely be driven by user submissions and requests.

<blockquote> Any snapshots made during this development effort are numbered 4.9.99.x. </blockquote>

<blockquote> The RTEMS project provides built tools sets that are available for download. For Linux the RPM package formater is support and avaliable from the APT/Yum Repository. For Windows MinGW Executable Installers are available. </blockquote>

If any changes or enhancements are missing in this list, feel free to add them. After all, that's why this is a Wiki.

Tool Improvements

  • TBD
  • Thanks again to Ralf, it is possible to provide target specific versions of the development tools. This is important when GCC drops support for an old architecture or we are avoiding target specific bugs in a particular tool version. Nominally, most RTEMS targets will use the same tools and they have been upgraded to the following versions:
    • autoconf 2.63
    • automake 1.10.1
    • binutils 2.19 (expected)
    • gcc 4.4.x (expected) for C/C++ with newlib 1.16.0
    • gdb 6.8

The latest patch for each tools is in rtems/contrib/crossrpms/patches.

RTEMS Improvements

In this section, we discuss public API level changes as well as improvements to the implementation of those API routines.

Public API changes usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Addition of new methods
  • Modifications to prototypes
  • Deletion of obsoleted methods

Implementation improvements usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Algorithm improvements in execution time or memory usage
  • Critical section reduction

API Changes

  • A number of RTEMS specific types have been deprecated which are no longer necessary based upon the types provided by C99. user is encouraged to use C99 types. If you have application that uses these types, you can defined (RTEMS_DEPRECATED_TYPES when building your application to enabled them. They will be removed completely in a future release series and this is intended to be a transition release. The following types have been deprecated:
    • boolean, rtems_boolean (use bool, instead)
    • single_precision, rtems_single (use float, instead)
    • double_precision, rtems_double (use double, instead)
  • TBD

API Implementation Improvements

  • TBD

Configuration Changes

  • TBD

RTEMS Shell Improvements

The following improvements were made to the RTEMS Shell:

  • TBD


  • TBD

BSPs and Device Drivers

  • General
    • Consolidation of various bsp_cleanup() implementations and a general push for as many BSPs as possible to use shared implementations. [Effort underway]
    • Conversion of (hopefully) all BSPs to use bsp_get_work_area() and let boot_card() allocate memory between the C Program Heap and RTEMS Workspace.
  • New BSPs
    • TBD
  • Significant updates to existing BSPs
    • TBD
  • Removal of obsoleted BSPs
    • TBD

Test Suites

  • TBD


This section covers the API changes between the 4.9 and 4.10 release series which are expected to have an impact on application source code. This section does NOT cover additions to the API.

  • TBD

=Changes Per Point Release=

Release 4.10.0 Changes

When this happens, you will be the first to know. :)