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Mentors: Gedare Bloom, Chris Johns, and Joel Sherrill

Students: Spencer Goodwin

Status: Uninitiated.

Introduction: The main concept as a general statement is to add a way to create CTF files that can be used to enable CTF tools.

Goal: CTF has a wide range of tools and features that are required for competitive real-time tracing tools.

Requirements: This part of the project will need to be able to pull the signatures from the previous stage, convert the file into a executable format to be converted again into CTF. And it may also need to be converted again into a format that can be displayed using some identifying markers for analysis. Resources: First, using the RTEMS GSoC documentation has been the most impactful research. Surprisingly, the Summer of Code in Space documentation gave me a lot of relevant information. My prediction is that I'm going to get most of my influence from the documentation on LTTng.


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