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Add Prototypes to POSIX Users Guide

Prerequisite: Being able to build RTEMS Documentation

The POSIX Users Guide has sections where the prototype of the method is missing. This is because the current contents for that service are a stub. The following is an example from posix_users/device_and_class_specific.rst:

.. code-block:: c

    int tcgetpgrp(

This task consists of finding all methods in the .rst file specific to your instance of the task, locating all places where a method is incompletely prototyped, finding the correct prototype, fixing the document, and submitting a patch. The correct prototype can be found in the Open Group POSIX specification at

For the above example, you would search for tcgetpgrp in the search box in the upper left hand corner of the above web page. Follow the results to the tcgetpgrp page and you should see the header and prototype required by the POSIX standard. Your task is to update the documentation with the correct prototype. For tcgetpgrp, the correct prototype you would end up with should be:

.. code-block:: c

    #include <unistd.h>
    pid_t tcgetpgrp(int fildes);

The expected output for this task is a patch against rtems-docs which adds all missing prototypes to a single file, and a built HTML page showing the modification. The mentor should ensure the patch does add all missing prototypes to the patched file and that the documentation builds. If the mentor has commit privileges, they can commit the patch.

Set of Files Missing Prototypes

When this task was initially identified, the following was used to determine which files needed attention:

posix-users]$ grep -Pzl "\(\n    \);" *.rst