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Notes about other targets and dependencies.

Build Documentation

This page explains how to build the documentation from source.


You will need:

  • waf - The waf build system.
  • Sphinx - The Sphinx documentation system.


These dependencies are not required by default but are used for other targets.

Target Dependency
pdfTeX (pdflatex)
htmlsingleNode inliner


Note: Version 1.3 is the minimum version of Sphinx required.

Most UNIX distributions have a package for Sphinx. For manual installation refer to the Install Page on the Sphinx website.

Windows users can find detailed instructions on the Sphinx Website.

Getting Source

The source is located at:


Each document can be built on its own by entering the directory and typing:

  # waf configure
  # waf build

This will build the default html target which is several split files.


Target Result
--pdfBuild PDF
--htmlsingleBuild a Single HTML file