RTEMS Tools Project

The RTEMS Tools Project is a collection of host based tools that support the RTEMS Project. RTEMS is an embedded operating system and development occurs on a range of different host computers. The RTEMS Tools Project collects a number of the host tools into a single package. The RTEMS Source Builder builds the RTEMS Tools packages when building a tool set.

The tools provided are:

The RTEMS Tools Project contains a number of tool patches for external tools used by the RTEMS projects.

RTEMS releases provide a tar file of the sources.


The RTEMS Tools repository is located at

Building From Source

The RTEMS Tools uses the waf build system. First you configure with:

$ waf configure --prefix=/opt/rtems/4.11

Then build using:

$ waf

Finally to install:

$ waf install

RTEMS Tool Kit

The RTEMS Tools Project contains tools written in C++ and Python. The toolkit provides a framework to manage things like ELF files and symbols. The Python code provides classes that allows RTEMS to build quality tools simply.

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