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Add some notes taken from 4.11_Release_Notes

Release Procedures

This page details steps that need to be taken in order to cut a release of RTEMS.

Source Checklist

The items in these lists are in no particular order and subject to discussion, additions, and deletions.

The following are things that MUST be resolved before a release is made

  • Tools stabilized on known versions, these can be different versions if required.
    • If it is not possible for a tool to be built it must be well documented in the release notes.
  • All BSPs must build without error

The following are things that WOULD BE NICE to be resolved before a release is branched

  • Warning reduction pass
    • Focus on all SPARC BSPs, select PowerPC, ARM and MIPS

Required BSPs and Conditions

These BSPs must build and have all tests without errors.

  • sparc/erc32
  • ...

Coverage reports for these BSPs

  • sparc/erc32

Release Checklist

Main release steps.



  1. Create branch for release


  1. Announcement


  1. Bump default version to the current release
  2. Generate 'next' milestone


  1. Upload file to FTP with sha256.


  1. Generate docs from branch.
    1. Texinfo
    2. Doxygen
    3. RSB
  2. Update

Tarball Generation

  1. Run bootstrap
  2. Generate ChangeLog using script found in #2208


There are no snapshots as of yet.