Status: Very early. Matthew Dillon has proposal.

Possible Mentors: Matthew Dillon of DragonFlyBSD. Various core RTEMS developers.

Introduction: We want to shared code from the various BSD UNIX distributions at the kernel and device driver level. We want to achieve this by defining a device driver support API that various OSes can write to. The current notes and proposal at at the Rosetta OS Wiki. As this is a cross-platform effort, the project will likely start by helping Matthew Dillon implement the Device Driver API on DragonFlyBSD so network device drivers can run in user space. This will help solidify and formalize the API. From an RTEMS perspective, we would track the API and ensure we can implement it. You could certainly begin to implement. But until NIC drivers work in user space on DragonFlyBSD, it makes no sense to do anything more than unit test the RTEMS implementation of the Device Driver API. After things work on DragonFlyBSD, you would compile ALL device driver code that Matthew Dillon can compile for user space for RTEMS and test what can be tested given available hardware and simulators.

Goal: Implement Rosetta OS Device Driver API so that BSD, MINIX and RTEMS hackers can share code easily at the device driver and kernel level.

Requirements: The person(s) undertaking this will have to be fairly cross-platform savvy and comfortable working in a broad portable sense. The Device Driver API must be able to be implemented on UNIX-style OSes and RTEMS.

Resources: TBD


  • The various OS folks at the 2009 Google Summer of Code Mentor's Summit who discussed our needs and wants. This lead to the creation of the Rosetta OS group with representation from a variety of non-Linux OSes.

Miscellaneous Sections

As the project progresses, you will need to add build instructions, etc and this page will evolve from a project description into a HOWTO.


Other sections: If you have more to say about the project that doesn't fit in the proposed sections of this template, feel free to add other sections at will.

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