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RTEMS Eclipse Plug-in


This page describes how to setup and use the RTEMS Eclipse Plug-in. This plug-in extends CDT and most features of a full-fledged Eclipse/CDT IDE with an ordinary GNU toolchain are available (debugging is not yet tested). Supported platforms are: Cygwin, MinGW, MacOS X and UNIX. Every RTEMS target architecture and BSP that provides the standard Makefiles is supported. This are at least the ones managed by the RTEMS repository from OAR.

Starting Point

You should be able to build a simple Hello World application for your BSP with the standard Makefiles.

Eclipse Installation

The plug-in has been developed for the Gandymede release of Eclipse and CDT version 5. Other releases may work but are not tested. If you have not yet installed Eclipse simply choose the package Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers or what ever you want from the Eclipse download page. An existing Eclipse installation needs a recent CDT plug-in (version 5 is recomended). The Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers already contains all required plug-ins.

Plug-In Installation

You can install the plug-in via the standard Eclipse infrastucture. Simply add to the software update sites (Help > Software Updates...).

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Plug-In Setup

After the plug-in installation you should setup the preferences (Window > Preferences).

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Project Creation

Switch to the C/C++ Perpective (Window > Open Perspective > Other...). You can now create a new C Project or C++ Project (File > New > C Project or File > New > C++ Project) and follow the wizard. You can create projects for RTEMS executables and static libraries. A Hello, World'' template is also available.

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