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11:26 Ticket #4938 (RSB: 6/rtems-arm fails on soon to be released FreeBSD 14.x) created by kgardas
Hello, FreeBSD 14.x release is behind the corner so I've attempted to …
11:22 Ticket #4937 (RSB fails to build 6/rtems-llvm on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) created by kgardas
Hello, and attempt to use current (as of 2023-08-02) RSB source code …
09:14 Ticket #4574 (Unable to setup rtems in (arm-apple) m1 Mac mini.) closed by kgardas
fixed: Hi, I tested fresh RSB and compiled 6/rtems-arm on mini M1 with macOS 13.4.1: […] although not shown here, I use those tools to build several ARM based RTEMS BSPs without any troubles on macOS. as the ticket is quite old and we spent quite some time making sure macOS is well supported in '22 and '23 I guess the ticket is already outdated and should be closed. If this is not the case, please reopen again and provide more information so we can duplicate your issue. Thanks!
08:26 Ticket #4934 (Update STM32 H7 HAL/LL drivers code) closed by kgardas
fixed: New HAL code was merged into the tree on July 31 2023. Hence closing.
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14:48 Developer/Simulators/QEMU/CANEmulation edited by Pavel Pisa
Update page with link to documentation already integrated into QEMU mainline (diff)
07:20 Ticket #4915 (Building sphinx 7.0.1 fails) closed by Sebastian Huber
07:20 Ticket #4936 (Building sphinx 7.0.1 fails (cloned)) created by Andrew Butterfield
Cloned from #4915: ---- I am trying to install sphinx on an Apple …


22:56 Ticket #4935 (7/rtems-mips get source fails) created by Chris Johns
Getting sources for 7/rtems-mips fails with: […] Release …


14:39 Ticket #3707 (Assign each code file to a Doxygen group) closed by Sebastian Huber
05:27 Ticket #4850 (LEON3 - Variable not initialized in any file / missing #ifdefs) closed by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"c173f0581a2a3672cb2f6024c7d9f35665849ec8/rtems" c173f05/rtems]: […]


18:32 Ticket #4934 (Update STM32 H7 HAL/LL drivers code) created by kgardas
Hello, patch series for updating STM32 H7 HAL/LL drivers code is …
18:27 Ticket #4803 (Revert or Mark CAN API as experimental) closed by Gedare Bloom <gedare@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"c1cad595af965e36de90ed19b5118fb23faedef6/rtems" c1cad59/rtems]: […]


18:59 Ticket #4915 (Building sphinx 7.0.1 fails) reopened by Joel Sherrill
My patch set was a work-around to not use >= 6. This needs a permanent fix.
13:56 GSoC/2023 edited by Utkarsh Verma
05:08 Ticket #3706 (Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: For RTEMS 6, the group hierarchy is good enough.
05:05 Ticket #3704 (Review and update Doxygen recommendations) closed by Sebastian Huber
fixed: For RTEMS 6, the guidelines in are good enough.


20:38 Ticket #4933 (rtems-docs waf dependency tracking on images is broken) created by Joel Sherrill
When adding a PlantUML figure to the documentation, I noticed that waf …
05:40 Ticket #4932 (Monitor GCC Bug 108658) created by Sebastian Huber
Monitor GCC bug 108658: …
02:33 Ticket #4931 (User manual RSB BSP build examples need updating) created by Chris Johns


23:21 Ticket #4723 (Issue with NFSv4) closed by Chris Johns <chrisj@…>
fixed: In [changeset:"1dfdee9ce95ed5527f1b035ce24650c118e26993/rtems-libbsd" 1dfdee9/rtems-libbsd]: […]


14:39 Ticket #4930 (rtems_waf: type and logic issue when enforcing libbsd checking.) created by kgardas
When libbsd checking is enforced in rtems_waf submodule, the following …


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21:17 Ticket #4929 (RTEMS tools installs into $PREFIX/share/rtems and not $PREFIX/share/rtems6) created by Chris Johns
Should these path be aligned? At the moment it creates confusion if …
20:41 Ticket #4928 (Upgrade Version of Sphinx to 7) created by Chris Johns
A …
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