#3706 closed task (fixed)

Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups

Reported by: Sebastian Huber Owned by: Sebastian Huber
Priority: normal Milestone: 6.1
Component: doc Version: 6
Severity: normal Keywords: qualification
Cc: Blocked By: #3704
Blocking: #3705, #3707

Description (last modified by Sebastian Huber)

Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups. Review the existing Doxygen groups (software components) first.


Grouping should be done by at BSP level architecture and then by BSP.

There should be a device driver group with subgroups for each device class and specific device drivers, e.g. a BSP-specific device driver belongs to a device class and BSP.

There should be groups for APIs, file systems, support libraries, super core, etc.

  • Board Support Packages
  • Device Drivers
    • Block Devices
      • Block Device Buffer Management
      • Block Device Disk Management
      • Block Device Management
        • XYZ Block Device
      • Block Device Partition Management
    • Cache
      • XYZ Cache Support
    • Console
      • Termios
        • XYZ Driver
    • Framebuffer
      • XYZ Driver
    • I2C
      • Bus Driver
        • XYZ Driver
      • Device Driver
        • XYZ Driver
    • Legacy I2C
    • Legacy Network
    • RTC
      • XYZ Driver
    • Serial Mouse
      • XYZ Driver
    • SPI
      • Bus Driver
        • XYZ Driver
      • Device Driver
        • XYZ Driver
  • API
    • Classic
      • Tasks
    • Dynamic Loading
    • File Systems
    • Memory Management
    • Shell
    • Tracing
      • Event Recording
      • Capture Engine
  • Internal
    • C Library Support
    • POSIX
    • Shell
    • Super Core
      • Thread Handler
      • CPU
        • ARM

Change History (191)

comment:1 Changed on 02/26/19 at 13:28:28 by Sebastian Huber

Blocking: 3707 added

comment:2 Changed on 02/26/19 at 13:30:45 by Sebastian Huber

Status: assignedaccepted

comment:3 Changed on 03/04/19 at 06:54:58 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 212663be/rtems:

bsps: Adjust architecture Doxygen groups

  • Use CamelCase as it is not used in our C code. Enables simple search and replace.
  • Prefix with "RTEMS" to aid deployment and integration. It aids searching and sorting.

Update #3706.

comment:4 Changed on 03/04/19 at 06:55:01 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 631ccd7/rtems:

bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Adjust Doxygen groups

Update #3706

comment:5 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:01 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In c991eeec/rtems:

bsps: Adjust bsp.h Doxygen groups

Update #3706.

comment:6 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:05 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 828276b/rtems:

bsps: Adjust shared Doxygen groups

Update #3706.

comment:7 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:08 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 15359bb/rtems:

bsps/arm: Adjust CMSIS Doxygen groups

Update #3706.

comment:8 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:11 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In f3db3835/rtems:

bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Add Doxygen groups

Add Doxygen groups for contributed code which would otherwise end up at
the top level.

Update #3706.

comment:9 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:14 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In cbf773d3/rtems:

bsp/atsam: Add Doxygen groups

Add Doxygen groups for contributed code which would otherwise end up at
the top level (about 178 groups).

Update #3706.

comment:10 Changed on 03/08/19 at 07:02:17 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 529b5868/rtems:

bsps: Adjust umon Doxygen groups

Update #3706.

comment:11 Changed on 03/13/19 at 09:15:25 by Sebastian Huber

Description: modified (diff)

comment:12 Changed on 03/26/19 at 10:28:40 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 40d15f5/rtems:

score: Add implementation top-level group

Update #3706.

comment:13 Changed on 03/26/19 at 10:28:44 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5526527e/rtems:

score: Rename ScoreCPU Doxygen group

Update #3706.

comment:14 Changed on 03/26/19 at 10:28:48 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5a19915/rtems:

score: Add example CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:15 Changed on 03/26/19 at 10:28:51 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In abec398/rtems:

score: Add ARM CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:16 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:31:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In eca13a8f/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add Blackfin CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:17 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:31:58 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 40b90a08/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add Epiphany CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:18 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:03 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d670ef9/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add i386 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:19 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:07 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 9fa3561b/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add lm32 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:20 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:11 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ee38c54/rtems:

doxygen: score: Change no_cpu architecture group

Groups CPUContext and CPUInterrupt are now defined with a unique name
for this architecture group.
Update #3706.

comment:21 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:15 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0be1e54/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add m68k CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:22 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:19 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f2e282d/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add Moxie CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:23 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:22 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 92c2db64/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add nios2 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:24 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:26 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 39594416/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add or1k CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:25 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:29 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6ddbcbc/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add powerpc CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:26 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 71f9098/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add RISC-V CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:27 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:35 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2b37eca5/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add SuperH CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:28 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:38 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 25afa79/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add SPARC CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:29 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:42 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2a50f87/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add SPARC64 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:30 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:45 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 9f8af67/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add V850 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:31 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:48 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 95c7603/rtems:

doxygen: score: Add x86-64 CPU architecture group

Update #3706.

comment:32 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:52 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 69d6671f/rtems:

doxygen: Reviewed cpukit/include/rtems/score

Update #3706.

comment:33 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7a722e7/rtems:

doxygen: Reviewed cpukit/include/rtems/rtems

Update #3706.

comment:34 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:32:59 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b86148a/rtems:

doxygen: Reviewed cpukit/include/rtems/posix

Update #3706.

comment:35 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:33:02 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b07c721/rtems:

doxygen: Restructured cpukit/include/rtems/rtems

Update #3706.

comment:36 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:33:05 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 493c1e8/rtems:

doxygen: score: Put ARM Co-Processor 15 group in ARM

Update #3706.

comment:37 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:33:08 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5342261/rtems:

doxygen: Added groups to IO library

Update #3706.

comment:38 Changed on 04/02/19 at 05:33:12 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 058f637/rtems:

doxygen: score: Added ScoreRWLock to Score group

Update #3706.

comment:39 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:42 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6644867/rtems:

doxygen: User Extensions Implementation group now in Internal->Classic

Update #3706.

comment:40 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:46 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ff1f374/rtems:

doxygen: Added Mainpage to RTEMSAPIClassic

Update #3706.

comment:41 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:49 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b7927ef/rtems:

doxygen: Added further groups to RTEMSAPI

Update #3706.

Associativity Routines, BSD Compatibility Support now part of

comment:42 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:53 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0f02e6f/rtems:

doxygen: Added toplevel group for device drivers

Update #3706.

comment:43 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:56 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 529d251b/rtems:

doxygen: Added libmisc group and libmisc mouse group

Update #3706.

@ingroup for these groups already existed, but no @defgroup

Further restructuring necessary

comment:44 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:27:59 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1964b268/rtems:

doxygen: Added subgroup Generic to BSP->SPARC64

Update #3706.

comment:45 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:03 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b2b7b58e/rtems:

doxygen: Added Management to Example CPU Architecture

Update #3706.

comment:46 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:07 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 333bead/rtems:

doxygen: Removed XXX group

Update #3706.

Content was added to Classic Barrier Implementation

comment:47 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:11 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4b841b3/rtems:

doxygen: Added some subgroups to IO Library

Update #3706.

Types and Mount, IO Internal, Kernel Print Support

comment:48 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:14 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6b23763/rtems:

doxygen: Added Frame Buffer Device Driver Interface to Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:49 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:18 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In e78e7fe0/rtems:

doxygen: Added Version to API->Classic

Update #3706.

comment:50 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:21 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7cb1c2b0/rtems:

doxygen: Added I2C Driver to Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:51 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:25 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b6b00917/rtems:

doxygen: Added some subgroups to API and IO

I2C library, Media Manager and Profiling Support

Update #3706.

comment:52 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:29 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f91da319/rtems:

doxygen: Put C Library Support and POSIX in Internal

Update #3706.

comment:53 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 38a3b61/rtems:

doxygen: Put SPI Driver into group Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:54 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:36 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2a56a1cf/rtems:

doxygen: Real Time Clock Time of Day API Definition in BSP->Shared

Update #3706.

comment:55 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:39 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 885c9a70/rtems:

doxygen: Put Print Support in IO

Update #3706.

comment:56 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:43 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2bc058d/rtems:

doxygen: Put Real-Timer Clock Driver Interface into group Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:57 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:47 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b8cff58/rtems:

doxygen: Benchmark Timer Driver Interface now in Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:58 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:50 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 74bfbc1f/rtems:

doxygen: Time Test 27 now in Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:59 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:54 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In bd675f39/rtems:

doxygen: Mouse now in Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:60 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:28:58 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7e5ed6b/rtems:

doxygen: Print Support now in API->IO

Update #3706.

comment:61 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:01 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7155b5bc/rtems:

doxygen: Zero and Null Device Drivers now in Device Drivers

Update #3706.

comment:62 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:05 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 57a076cd/rtems:

doxygen: Added subclasses to API

Update #3706.

RTEMS Application Loader, RTEMS Runtime Link Editor, Status Checks
and Test Support

comment:63 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:09 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 51f8d73b/rtems:

doxygen: Added inttypes.h to Print Support

Update #3706.

comment:64 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:13 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In bbdf938/rtems:

doxygen: Added RTEMS Test Framework to API

Update #3706.

comment:65 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:16 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In c9bd696/rtems:

doxygen: New API subgroup Tracing

Update #3706.

comment:66 Changed on 04/04/19 at 06:29:20 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7b09032/rtems:

doxygen: Split up "libmisc" subgroups and removed libmisc

Update #3706.

comment:67 Changed on 04/04/19 at 07:19:12 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 4c20da4/rtems:

doxygen: Rename Score* groups in RTEMSScore*

Update #3706

comment:68 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:41 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 93dcd2b/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in address.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:69 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:44 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 76a9857c/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in apimutex.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:70 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:48 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 3b977b86/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in basedefs.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:71 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:52 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 827e260/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in chain.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:72 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0153acf2/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in chainimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:73 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:52:58 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 59de8ef/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in context.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:74 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:01 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4bb0f00/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in copyrt.h to doxygen guidelines

Also renamed the group SuperCoreCopyright? to RTEMSSuperCoreCopyright
Update #3706.

comment:75 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:04 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 37ab908/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in corebarrier.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:76 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:08 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4bd8757/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coremsg.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:77 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:11 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 62128be0/rtems:

doxygen: score: added dox in assert.h according to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:78 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:15 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In accbe67/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in corebarrierimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:79 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:18 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0865cd2/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coremsgimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:80 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:21 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d369903/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coremutex.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:81 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:25 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 86b05bf6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coremuteximpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:82 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:28 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d16a9019/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in corerwlockimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:83 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In eab90bf/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coresem.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:84 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:35 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d5b63c2/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in coresemimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:85 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:38 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 54733e6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in cpustdatomic.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:86 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:41 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d69b7a5/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in freechain.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:87 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:45 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In cf6ce4a/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in heap.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:88 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:48 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4c99921/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in heapimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:89 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:51 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0cdcb27/rtems:

Removed entry from Related Pages

SAM V71 Xplained Ultra - Board explanation now in Modules->BSPs->ARM
Update #3706.

comment:90 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:54 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5ad74fd6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in interr.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:91 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:53:58 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 24787d08/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in isr.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:92 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:01 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In bb0ccc1/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in isrlevel.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:93 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:04 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 318b70b/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in isrlock.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:94 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:08 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 976c095/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in mpci.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:95 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:11 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 57cd05cf/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in mpciimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:96 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:15 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 3da777e/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in mppkt.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:97 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:18 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b817de6d/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in mrsp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:98 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:22 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0b1bfab/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in mrspimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:99 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:25 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ae8be3f/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in object.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:100 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:28 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In c389f5b7/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in objectimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:101 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 316894e6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in objectmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:102 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:35 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0bef82f/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in percpudata.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:103 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:38 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 96d37510/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in prioritybitmap.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:104 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:42 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 536458a/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in prioritybitmapimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:105 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:45 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1d6e6b1f/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in priority.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:106 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:48 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 35a07c4/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in priorityimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:107 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:52 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In acdb99eb/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in processormask.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:108 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ee8eb21/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in profiling.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:109 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:54:59 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1e6a7c7a/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in protectedheap.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:110 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:02 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f61a3f85/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in rbtree.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:111 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:05 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 334de12/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in rbtreeimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:112 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:09 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 65f19f0/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulercbs.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:113 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:12 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 06821fa5/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulercbsimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:114 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:15 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f660691/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in scheduleredf.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:115 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:18 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6852f7e/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in scheduleredfimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:116 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:22 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In e2d575c2/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in scheduler.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:117 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:25 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 11e7893/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:118 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:29 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d5548b65/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulernode.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:119 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 08901bf/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulernodeimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:120 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:36 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 263fa5ef/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerpriorityaffinitysmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:121 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:39 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4aed194/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerpriority.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:122 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:43 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ed6b2e0/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerpriorityimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:123 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:46 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 391f92b9/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerprioritysmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:124 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:49 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 776ec05/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulersimple.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:125 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:53 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d0839dd/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in scheduleredfsmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:126 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:56 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f8047f14/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulersimpleimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:127 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:55:59 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1bfdc06/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulersimplesmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:128 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:03 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ceff06f/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulersmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:129 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:06 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6a1734a3/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulersmpimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:130 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:09 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In ee3351c/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in schedulerstrongapa.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:131 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:13 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6a9cb56/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in semaphoreimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:132 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:16 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In d057bb29/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smpbarrier.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:133 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:20 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 79249a5/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smpimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:134 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:24 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 9503db6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smplock.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:135 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:28 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 93afceb/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smplockmcs.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:136 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:31 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2adc5f10/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smplockseq.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:137 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:34 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In c624340e/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smplockstats.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:138 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:38 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 366dbf6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smplockticket.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:139 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:41 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0938899/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in stack.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:140 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:45 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 0e829b26/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in stackimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:141 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:48 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In fa3b4a2/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in stackimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:142 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:51 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5ba93a5/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in statesimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:143 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 6af85ee6/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in sysstate.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:144 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:56:58 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7d93c447/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in threaddispatch.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:145 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:02 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5bb6ac9/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in thread.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:146 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:05 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 3657cde/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in threadimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:147 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:09 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 8f89dc62/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in threadmp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:148 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:12 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f1507fb/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in threadq.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:149 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:16 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In b6bbe83/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in threadqimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:150 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:19 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 843879d0/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in timecounter.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:151 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:22 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 3e98049/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in timecounterimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:152 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:26 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In bded63fc/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in timespec.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:153 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:29 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1b5ba76/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in timestamp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:154 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:32 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 4a693e7/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in timestampimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:155 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:36 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5c91b54b/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in tls.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:156 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:39 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 5791a3c/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in todimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:157 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:42 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7d2cc98/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in userextimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:158 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:45 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In eb84cc3f/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in watchdog.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:159 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:49 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In c53ec8c4/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in watchdogimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:160 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:52 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 904c2312/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in watchdogticks.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:161 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:55 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 7b90bb5/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in wkspace.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:162 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:57:59 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 2463c10/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in muteximpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:163 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:58:02 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 1bd608b/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in onceimpl.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:164 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:58:05 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In 3238c162/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in smp.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:165 Changed on 05/13/19 at 05:58:08 by Andreas Dachsberger <andreas.dachsberger@…>

In f49618d/rtems:

doxygen: score: adjust doc in percpudata.h to doxygen guidelines

Update #3706.

comment:166 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:18 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In e07088d9/rtems:

rtems: Canonicalize implementation Doxygen groups

Rename Classic API top-level group from Classic to RTEMSImplClassic.
Use RTEMSImplClassic as a prefix for the subgroups. Change the group
names to be in line with the API group names. Use common phrases for
the group brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:167 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:21 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In c81ac0e/rtems:

score: Canonicalize Doxygen groups

Adjust group identifier and names to be in line with a common pattern.
Use common phrases for the group brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:168 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:27 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 6b5f22dc/rtems:

rtems: Canonicalize Doxygen @file comments

Use common phrases for the file brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:169 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:31 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 9278f3d/rtems:

score: Canonicalize Doxygen @file comments

Use common phrases for the file brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:170 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:34 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 3db9c820/rtems:

sapi: Canonicalize @defgroup and @file comments

Adjust group identifier and names to be in line with a common pattern.
Use common phrases for the group and file brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:171 Changed on 12/02/20 at 06:46:37 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 70dbafb/rtems:

config: Canonicalize @defgroup and @file comments

Adjust group identifier and names to be in line with a common pattern.
Use common phrases for the group and file brief descriptions.

Update #3706.

comment:172 Changed on 12/02/20 at 07:13:58 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 226b90b4/rtems:

rtems: Fix Doxygen group memberships

Update #3706.

comment:173 Changed on 12/02/20 at 07:15:50 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5555c0c/rtems:

rtems: Fix Doxygen group name

Update #3706.

comment:174 Changed on 12/02/20 at 10:35:07 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 1c60622/rtems:

score: Fix Doxygen group name

Update #3706.

comment:175 Changed on 12/02/20 at 10:35:11 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 1fa3821/rtems:

score: Fix Doxygen group membership

Update #3706.

comment:176 Changed on 12/02/20 at 12:05:27 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 295b05f9/rtems:

nfsclient: Rework Doxygen groups

Update #3706.

comment:177 Changed on 12/02/20 at 12:05:30 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In ab85383/rtems:

nfsclient: Remove from Doxygen output

The libnetworking is excluded from the Doxygen output. Exclude also the
nfsclient source code, otherwise there are some orphaned Doxygen groups.

Update #3706.

comment:178 Changed on 12/02/20 at 12:19:09 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 3393ff1d/rtems:

libfs: Fix Doxygen group placement

Update #3706.

comment:179 Changed on 12/02/20 at 12:19:13 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In ef0fe8e/rtems:

dosfs: Fix Doxygen group placement

Update #3706.

comment:180 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:16 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In dba2e690/rtems:

rtems: Canonicalize Doxygen in <rtems/seterr.h>

Update #3706.

comment:181 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:20 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 4c0b006/rtems:

rtems: Canonicalize Doxygen in <rtems/counter.h>

Update #3706.

comment:182 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:24 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In a950c135/rtems:

score: Add Hash Handler to group

Update #3706.

comment:183 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:27 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 5a6f94d/rtems:

rtems: Add ASR implementation to existing group

Update #3706.

comment:184 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:31 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 8b762a88/rtems:

scoe: Move workspace group definition

Define the group in the header file which is used by <rtems/confdefs.h>.

Update #3706.

comment:185 Changed on 10/06/21 at 06:41:36 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In e9063644/rtems:

posix: Remove "RTEMS" from POSIX API group

Clarify group description.

Update #3706.

comment:186 Changed on 11/30/22 at 08:55:14 by Sebastian Huber

Milestone: 6.17.1

comment:187 Changed on 01/24/23 at 10:26:29 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 6136e28b/rtems:

clockdrv: Add clock driver implementation group

Use standard wording in Clock Driver related files.

Update #3706.

comment:188 Changed on 01/24/23 at 10:26:34 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In d36070f/rtems:

intr: Add Interrupt Manager implementation group

The shared BSP interrupt controller support code actually implements
parts of the Interrupt Manager.

Update #3706.

comment:189 Changed on 07/14/23 at 10:02:05 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 97f5e1c/rtems:

bsp/leon3: Fix group memberships

Update #3706.

comment:190 Changed on 07/26/23 at 04:56:40 by Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@…>

In 58840ffb/rtems:

rtems: Add files to Doxygen groups

Provide basic Doxygen comments.

Update #3706.
Update #3707.

comment:191 Changed on 07/26/23 at 05:08:21 by Sebastian Huber

Milestone: 7.16.1
Resolution: fixed
Status: acceptedclosed

For RTEMS 6, the group hierarchy is good enough.

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