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#4573 assigned enhancement

Add support for download mirrors to the RSB

Reported by: Sebastian Huber Owned by: Needs Funding
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Currently, the RSB supports only a single download source for sources and patches. If this download source is unavailable it is not possible to build the RTEMS tool suite. One approach would be to add an option for download mirrors.

Update the %source keyword to accept:

%source mirror mpc 1{mpc_version}.tar.gz

where 1 is an integer priority and 1 is highest. The code is here:

There is no such thing as a list in the macros so I suspect you would need to
dereference the source where the results of _make_key would reference another
series of macro keys that are the mirrors.

Do we want to start maintaining lists of mirrors in RSB configurations? I am
undecided. As developers we do not notice the online status due to the RSB
cache. For sites and users would deployment be a better long term solution?

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