Table of Contents

  1. Timing

List of build times for various systems / platforms

These timings are not relative. They exist to show the performance on various systems.

Mac Pro (Maverick)sparc/sis0.016s3.836s12.793s10.073s26.718s
FreeBSD 10.1 i7-920sparc/sis0.028s3.825s16.458s13.618s33.929
Debian 7 E3-1230 (dual CPU)sparc/sis0.011s1.245s8.810s1.934s12.000s
openSUSE 13.2 (T6570)sparc/sis0.084s10.252s1m3.919s52.197s2m
Fedora 18 (E7500@2.93GHz)sparc/sis0.022s4.399s37.538s31.135s72s
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