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RTEMS is a real-time executive in use by embedded systems applications around the world and beyond.

If you are new to RTEMS and the community, welcome. To use RTEMS, you need to build a cross-compiler tool set and RTEMS. The Tutorials section below and the Quick Start Guide are great places to start with. We have examples that guide you through some simple example programs, like Hello World. Various simulators, such as GDB SPARC, are easy to use and let you see RTEMS running right on your host computer. Enjoy your time with RTEMS, and please drop by the User Mailing List or IRC channel #rtems on Freenode.

Found a bug? Have an idea? Have a patch? Please create a ticket.

Want to see an overview of your tickets? Check out MyTickets!

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  • All Releases - Quick links to all releases, downloads and documentation.
Release (Notes) Status Download Documentation Next (milestone) Reporting a Bug
6 Development Git Repository Master 6.1 Create Bug
5 Current Release Git 5 Repository 5.1 5.2 Create Bug
4.11 Previous Release 4.11.3 4.11.3 4.11.4 Create Bug
4.10 Commercial support 4.10.2 4.10.2 4.10.3 Create Bug



If you are looking for information about RTEMS in the Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In, ESA Summer of Code in Space, or Google Season of Docs, please take a look at the following pages:

More information can be found on the RTEMS SOC and GSoC Ideas List and Open Projects pages.

RTEMS General Information

Application Development with RTEMS

RTEMS Developer Information

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