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No image "RTEMSArchitecture.png" attached to WikiStart]] RTEMS is a real-time executive which provides a high performance environment for embedded applications on a range processors and embedded hardware. This page is the kick-off for information on RTEMS, real-time and embedded programming and use of the Wiki itself.

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=Google Summer of Code =

The RTEMS Project is an organization in the 2013 edition of the Google Summer of Code (GSOC)! We encourage students to apply to tackle one of our Open Projects or suggest their own.

The RTEMS Community is proud to have participated in five previous editions of the Google Summer of Code as well as 2 previous editions of the Google Code-in (GCI).

In 2012, we had ten students. In 2011 and **NAME** 2010?, we had eight students each year. In 2009 there were six students with a seventh sponsored by a combination the mentor donation and a donation from OAR Corporation,. In our first GSOC experience, 2008 we received four student slots with one failing. These students have contributed great code and some have continued to be a part of the community. We have been impressed with the quality of both high school and college students who have participated in the GSOC and GCI programs.

Google Code-In has been an incredibly challenging experience for the RTEMS Community. The tasks are much smaller that those in GSOC with a target of 2-4 hours for a skilled developer. Plus they should be achievable by a high school student and meaningful to the community. We gathered some statistics to give an idea of the magnitude of what they accomplished.

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|Year | 2011 | 2012
Students Tasks Tasks By Top Student Students with Over Ten Tasks
22 65 12 1
31 245 61 4


The increase in tasks performed is likely due to just ten free software organizations participating in the 2012 edition (twenty in 2011) combined with our improved ability to define tasks which students could perform.

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