Tools Used by the RTEMS Project

The RTEMS Project used the project management ideas of the GCC Project as a starting point for our management structure. The idea for and structure of the RTEMS Steering Committee? was based upon that of GCC's Steering Committee. In addition, from 2003 to early 2010, the static html content of the RTEMS Website was based upon the GCC Website. This content was a nice starting point for the RTEMS Website because RTEMS and GCC use most of the same supporting tools. In addition, the RTEMS Project looks to GCC for ideas on better project management tools and has migrated to those tools after GCC as successfully deployed them. GCC is a larger project with more activity so we know that if the tool can handle that load and variety of requirements, it can meet ours.

Much of the static html content has since migrated to the Wiki, including this page. Only the top page and a few important pages such as licensing information was a static html page as of early 2010. In early 2010, JoelSherrill and ChrisJohns? undertook migrating the top of the site from Metahtml and static pages to Drupal

Source Code Control


Problem Management

Development Toolset

Software Packaging and Distribution

  • RPM
  • APT
  • Yum

Project Server

  • Pipermail
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