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Added networking and language standards.

Standards Are Support By RTEMS

The original "Classic" RTEMS API is based on the Real-Time Executive Interface Definition (RTEID) and the Open Real-Time Kernel Interface Definition (ORKID). RTEMS also includes support for POSIX threads and real-time extensions.

With the addition of file system infrastructure, RTEMS supports approximately 80% of the POSIX 1003.1b-1996 standard. This standard defines the programming interfaces of standard UNIX. This means that much source code that works on UNIX, also works on RTEMS.

The Single Unix Specification (SUS) contains a number of standardised interfaces RTEMS conforms too. The SUS is found on the Unix System Home Page, which is part of the Open Unix standardisation initiative.

RTEMS includes a port of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack and thus supports BSD sockets. It also includes support for numerous networking clients (DHCP, TFTP, NFS, etc.) and servers (FTPD, HTTPD, etc.).

The RTEMS community works in conjunction with the GCC project to support the C, C++, and Ada95 language standards.