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RTEMS is an an acronym for the Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems.

Initially RTEMS stood for the Real-Time Executive for Missile Systems but as it became clear that the application domains that could use RTEMS extended far beyond missiles, the "M" changed to mean Military. When maintenance of RTEMS transferred to OAR, the "M" was changed again to Multiprocessor.

At one point, there were both Ada and C implementations of RTEMS. Version 3.2.1 was the last RTEMS version to have implementations in both languages. Supporting the Classic API Ada implementation was painful and fraught with compiler specific pitfalls. With version 3.5.x, the POSIX API was added as the means to support the GNU Ada Translator (GNAT). This effectively eliminated the need for an implementation in Ada as the C implementation could effectively support both languages.