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The RTEMS Project officially supports only the Git master and two release branches. If you are interested in support for an older release, please contact JoelSherrill or visit Legacy Support for more information.

RTEMS has a policy to support current host operating systems, development tools and third party libraries where possible. The ability of the project to maintain all releases using the good will of RTEMS contributors is not possible and so resources are directed to the keeping RTEMS up to date. As stated above older releases can be maintain if you require it but you will have to fund that work.


The RTEMS Project recommends that you use use Git to access our current development sources. Every attempt is made to keep the Git master compilable and working on all targets but there are no guarantees. The Git master is used to test bleeding edge tools and is always moving in features and stability.

Release have release notes. Please refer to the release notes.

Release Series Notes

Information on 4.5 Series

The last release from this branch was 4.5.1-pre3 and made 17 October 2001 although as of May 2007 it is known to still be in use by a number of users.