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Debian and Ubuntu

  • Download the rpms from here by selecting the relevant RTEMS version, the preferred rpm distro, the distro version and finally the appropriate architecture.
    • You will need to download all those files that pertain to the architecture you want to build RTEMS for. For instance, if you are building RTEMS for sparc then download all the files that contain the word sparc in the filename.
    • Also download all the common files - these are the rpms of the tools needed to build RTEMS. These are apt-conf, autoconf, automake, binutils, gcc, gdb, newlib
  • Now that the files have been downloaded we need to convert the rpms to debs.
    • Run sudo apt-get install alien to install alien. Alien is a program to convert rpms to debs (to convert from one packaging form to another to be precise).
    • cd into the directory containing the rpm files and run alien -d *.rpm - the -d option specifies that the output file must be .deb. That must convert all rpms to debs
    • Now to install the debs, we run dpkg -i *.deb.
    • Now all the build tools are installed and the procedure in the Quick Start page may be followed to build.

Below is a link to the Google Summer of Code project related to repackaging rpms to debs.