*Aicas's JamaicaVM real-time Java environment

  • MATLAB can generate code which will run on RTEMS. For details on how to do this, see the MATLABCodeGeneration wiki page.
  • Bionic Buffalo supports a variety of their products on RTEMS
  • Spider Software communication stack has been ported to RTEMS.
  • SinelaboreRT is a C-code generator from UML state-charts. It was built especially with embedded real-time systems in mind. There is no specific runtime environment needed. Therefore it can be easily adapted to different needs. Below you can find the main features. If you want to give it a try please visit our web page and take a look in the manual. There is a demo version of both tools available.
    • Generates human readable C-code
    • No run-time environment needed
    • Fits well in different system designs (foreground/background, RTOS-based ...)
    • No gap between design and code anymore
    • Drawing professional quality state-charts using Cadifra UML Editor
    • Creation of state-chart diagrams is very fast and efficient
    • Simple integration in different development environments
    • Low cost
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