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Board Support Packages

Board Support Packages

RTEMS at its center is a range of services that implement real-time tasking suitable for embedded systems ( This core is generic allowing it to be used on wide range of processors. Within the core of RTEMS is support for each processor ( This support is specific to a family of processors yet generic to each board or target hardware that uses that specific processor. The Board Support Package or BSP provides the glue between RTEMS and your target hardware.

A BSP is a collection of pieces supporting your target hardware. It includes the linker script, GCC customization script (e.g. bsp_specs), and startup code. If you want standard I/O, then the BSP will have to have a Console device driver. A console driver is needed to run any of the RTEMS tests. If you want to measure the passage of time, you need a Clock Tick driver. This driver is needed for all RTEMS tests EXCEPT hello world and the timing tests. The Timer driver is a benchmark timer and is needed for the tmtests (timing tests). Sometimes you will see a Shared Memory Support (e.g. shmsupp) component which is for shared memory multiprocessing systems. The Network driver and Real-Time Clock drivers are optional and not required by any RTEMS tests.

RTEMS provides a variety of BSPs. You will find support for commercial off the self (COTS) hardware as well as support for custom hardware designs that you will never obtain hardware for. They do however provide examples of a BSP that may be a close fit for your custom design.

The following is a list of those BSPs available for RTEMS. The list is organized by CPU family and board name:

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