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There are two efforts for this underway. The Embedded Brains effort is the preferred port.

Embedded Brains FreeBSD

Status: Near completion for a basic stack functionality. Planned for merger post 4.10 branching.

Contact: Thomas Doerfler and Sebastian Huber

The basic stack has been ported but the focus was on removable mass storage devices. The exact set of devices supported has to be evaluated. There is likely a large opportunity for porting other device classes.

Ray Xu NetBSD

Status: Ray is trying to run ohci test on QEMU with RTEMS

USB host stack for RTEMS. Port the latest NetBSD USB stack for RTEMS. Currently, a initial porting is finished. The following work is needed

a) Merge BSD include file with old header file tcp/ip stack is using b) More file system support and also, dynamic file system mount/un-mount c) Memory alloc/de-alloc for realtime system. USB need lots of dynamic memory. Current porting do not consider the performance issue for RTEMS d) More hardware/IC-chip support

The project is very likely beyond the scope of a Google Summer of Code project. However, we can divide it to some small ones like add HID device support for RTEMS.