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There are several free/open source software emulators out there which might be capable of running RTEMS. Some of them are even directly supported by RTEMS in the form of BSP (ARMulator/PSIM), the others are not supported and we would like to hear about any user success/failure to get them running with RTEMS, even better if you provide appropriate BSP changes to get recent RTEMS running on one of them. The list of emulators looks:

  • -- the most promising: provides system emulation for x86/amd64/powerpc/sparc, recent code base added sparc64 and mips. There are some reports claiming it is possible to use pc386 BSP running succesfully on top of Qemu/x86 emulator including full network emulation. Some users might even consider trying RTEMS PowerPC port running on top of Qemu/PowerPC system emulation layer. Probably PREP mode is the most close, since it support one of the RTEMS supported board (eMesquite MCP750)
  • -- the second one very interesting. Highly configurable ARM emulator capable of supporting various ARM chip families (w/ or w/o MMU support), LCD and network (ne2k like). Very configurable by simple editing skyeye.conf in the current directory. Known to work well with Linux/uClinux for ARM. See edb7312 for details on how to run this simulator.
  • -- the other PowerPC emulator, which suport Mac OS X and Darwin OS
  • -- Motorola ColdFire? emulator, which support uClinux. Version 0.3.0 of this emulator is capable of running mcf5206elite BSP hello world example. For more details see:
  • -- this emulator provides a lot of MIPS hardware emulation, but also starts with ARM/PowerPC in recent releases. It seems it might be interesting target also because of simulated dec21134 NIC and because of its ability to load ELFs directly. Partially tested are mcp750 BSP binaries where at least part of initialization works well.
  • PSIM? -- this is the oldest free-software PowerPC emulator. Now it is merged into GDB and is able to run various non-networked RTEMS applications. See special PSIM BSP? for more information