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    2727 *  Are there any [wiki:TBR/Website/RTEMSMailingLists  RTEMS Mailing Lists]?
     29 *  I am having trouble.  Who should I contact?
     30Your best best is always to ask on the [ RTEMS Users Mailing List  RTEMS Mailing Lists].  In addition to the core maintainers, your question will be seen by 100s of existing users who are more than willing to help you.  You are obviously free to email one of the RTEMS developers privately but your question has a better chance of being answered if you ask it on the list.  Your question will be seen by more experts and archived for future reference if you ask it on the mailing list.
     32The RTEMS Community is very friendly and we all remember being the new kid in town.  Speak up. Ask questions.
    2834 *  Is there any online training material?
    2935The RTEMS Project has a Moodle-based [ eLeaning  RTEMS Mailing Lists] site which includes material on RTEMS.  RTEMS has been used in classes at multiple universities and we hope to be able to gather that material in the Moodle.  In addition, [wiki:TBR/User/JoelSherrill JoelSherrill] regularly teaches 4 day RTEMS classes (see [RTEMS_Training| RTEMS Training Opportunities]).   If you are an instructor at a university, please contact Joel so he can work with you to meet your classroom needs.