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Flash Linker

GBA Flash Linkers (also know as Flash Writers) are devices that are used for:

  • Backuping Programs from cartridges.

Reading out program data and storing it on PC as GBA ROMS

  • Backuping savegames (Cards SRAM)

Reading out savegame states and storing it on PC as .SAV files

  • Writing GBA roms to Gameboy Flash Cards
  • Writing / Restoring Programs to/from Flash Cards

EZ-Flash Advance USB (

  • EZFlash Advance Linker/ Cable connects to PC USB port. USB 1.1 and v 2.0 are supported. Connects directly to the GAMEBOY ADVANCE & GBA SP Link Port. Writer is small and lightweight, and no other power source is required - USB port powers the unit.
  • Can upload small roms and applications direcly to the Gameboy VRAM. This feture anables you to run small roms without a gba fash card! (ie. multiboot mode).

Connecting to GBA

  • Insert your EZFA cartridge into your GBA, and plug the cable into your GBA too, run the client software, then press the select and start buttons of GBA simultaneously and turn it on, if all the steps are done properly, the client should be connected to your GBA, then you can operate your cart via the client software.