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    618618timespan is October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011
    619619You can find the station data [ here]
     621= RTEMS - part of the ESA =
     624RTEMS validation and tools
     626Saab Space AB performed a validation of the real-time operating system RTEMS. Since it is available for many different targets and includes a multitude of functionality, ranging from I/O drivers to file-systems and beyond, it was agreed to only focus on the parts that were applicable for European space community applications. This implied that only the ERC32 target and a limited sub-set of the configurable RTEMS managers had to be considered.
     628Subsequently, Edisoft has reached an agreement with OAR to implement an RTEMS maintenance centre (see related link) in Europe. Edisoft has complemented the validation and the toolset associated with RTEMS for the specific needs of the European space industry. Gaisler Research also provides services based around RTEMS on ERC32 and Leon.
     630RTEMS has already been used in several space applications, in particular FedSat (a scientific Research and Development microsatellite), the Surrey's Solid State Data Recorder (a component used in the Disaster Monitoring Constellation), ChipSat (a System-on-Chip architecture), the Electra UHF antenna of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and in the Galileo GIOVE-A and Herschel-Planck satellites.
    620631= External links =
    632643 *  [ RTEMS Improvement – Space Qualification of RTEMS]
    633644 *  [ Esa's Proba-2 demonstration satellite views eclipse ]
     645 *  [ ESA Operating Systems]