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FR947-M PowerProbe born to satisfy ENEL fault recorder specification. LogicLab? developed a high performances product, a digital fault recorder with not comparison with other ones you may find in the market.

32 analog channels (voltage and current) noise-free and 128 digital inputs, give great potentialities and high precision acquisition. Every channel (analog or digital) is isolated from all other channels, the power-supply and ground.

The fault recorder is made for HV/MV substations and it is employed to record voltages and currents due to a trigger condition. This condition can be planned by users both on the analog inputs and digital ones. The fault recorder PowerProbe uses the GPS signal for time synchronization and events tag obtaining 1 µs of precision (other solution are available for synchronisation).

The user, via Ethernet or RS232 connections, will be able to perform remote parameterization and remote control of the equipment, recordings download by mean of a simple PC. Automatic recording download makes it possible to transfer recording directly on PC mass storage memory. FR947-M is in every case equipped with a memory flash that allows to do non volatile-recording up to 250 seconds.

Digital fault recorder FR947-M PowerProbe is provided with two easy-use software programs that allow a complete management of the device, useful recording downloading and monitoring, as well as an effective and powerful analysis system.

LogicLab? realize other solution with under-equipped device in a 3U rack-mount panel. Configuration with up to 16 analog input and 32 digital input are available. Other hardware and software optional are available (HMI interface, Digital Output, Multiple Time Synchronisation, 100BASE-FX interface and many other orderable features); please refer to Optional section at Technical information page in brochure that you can download at this web page.

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