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FR947-M PowerProbe was achieved to satisfy the ENEL fault-recorder specification. LogicLab? has developed a high performances product RTEMS based, by making a fault-recorder which cannot compare with an other ones. 32 analog channels (voltage and current) noise-free and 128 digital inputs, give to it both great potentialities and high precision acquisition. Every channel (analog or digital) is isolated from all the other channels, the power-supply and ground. The device is made for HV/MV substations and it is used to record voltages and currents due to a trigger condition. This condition can be planned by users both on the analog inputs and digital ones. The fault recorder PowerProbe uses the GPS signal for time synchronization and events tag by 1 µs precision. The user, by Ethernet or RS232 connections, will be able to perform remote parameterization and remote control of the equipment, download of the recordings by simple using a PC. Automatic recording download makes it possible to transfer recording directly on PC hard disk. FR947-M is in every case equiped with a memory flash that allows to do recording up to 250 seconds. FR947-M PowerProbe is combined with two easy-use software that allow a complete management of the device providing useful recording tools and control, as well as an effective and powerful analysis system.

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