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LogicLab? S.r.l.

LogicLab? s.r.l. is a company specialized in the hardware, firmware and software design of measure, protection and control device for power distribution market. The compony born in the 2000 from the collaboration of a group of designerwith more than of fifteen years of experience in the power protections & control field having before constituted the design team of Marconi Automation and subsequently that one of ALSTOM Protection & Control Italy. LogicLab? works for ENEL (Italy power distribution company), EDF (France power distribution company) and some power distribution local and regional company. In the years, the LogiLab? designer have matured a experience, both in Italy and in the foreign country, that guarantee the right competence to realize the products that are the state of the art in the market. All products are embedded systems that implement apllications in RTEMS operating system.

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