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    2929SFC2 and IMU2 will be communicating over MIL-STD-1553 Bus. SFC2 and EDC will be communicating over Ethernet and a couple of digital IO lines. SFC2 will be also communicating to the ground station via radio uplink and downlink provided by the REXUS rocket. The REXUS communication is going over RS-422 serial link.
     30=  Hardware  =
     33''' SFC2 '''
     35SFC2 is the main board of the experiment. It is designed to be a flight computer
     36for future uses and has advanced communication capabilities and powerful
     37processors (ARM7 and Floating point DSP). Its responsibilities in the experiment
     38are recording of the inertial measurement from the IMU2 and images from the
     39EDC. The navigation data from IMU2  is forwarded to Kalman filter running in
     40the SFC2. SFC2 sends the information provided by the Kalman filter to ground
     41station via REXUS downlink.
     43List of SFC2 main components:
     44 CPUs     72 MHz ARM7 MCU       (NXP LPC2468)
     45         225 MHz DSP            (TI TMS320C6722BRFPA225) 
     46 RAMs     64 MB  SDRAM          (MT48LC32M16A2)
     47         128 kB  Dual port SRAM (Cypress CY7C028V)
     48 Storage   8 kB  FerroRAM       (FM24CL64)
     49           8 MB  NOR Flash      (AT49BV642D) 
     50         4x 2MB  Data flash     (AT45DB161D)
     51            2GB  Industrial SD-card (SG9SD2GSMEA1)
     53''' IMU2 '''
     54IMU2 is the inertial measurement unit of the experiment. It has accelerometers,
     55gyroscopes and temperature-sensors. Electronics consist four different boards.
     56Main unit, and a small board for X,Y and Z axis.
     58List of IMU2 main components:
     60 CPU            ARM7 MCU            (AT91SAM7A3) 
     61 AD/C           16bit 6ch 250kSPS   (AD7656) 
     62 Gyroscopes     3x Silicon Sensing  (SiRRS01-07)
     63 Accelerometers 3x Colibrys         (MS8030.D)
     65''' EDC '''
     67EDC is the experiment digital camera. It is used to take images of the view
     68outside the REXUS rocket for PR purposes. 
     70List of EDC main components:
     72 Camera     Dalsa          (Genie C1024)
     73 Optics     f=8mm F: 1.4-C (NTL-SV-0814MP)
    3074=  Software  =