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/* FMVS FDDI-II Voice-Data Backbone */

FMVS FDDI-II Voice-Data Backbone

FMVS FDDI-II Voice-Data Backbone

The FMVS is a slave VME card that provides a VME SBC access to an FDDI-II network. FDDI-II is a 100M bit fibre LAN technology build on the FDDI-I standard, that provides isochronous data transfer as well as the packet based LAN networking. FDDI-II is a fault tolerant redundant ring network. The FMVS can handle 128 full duplex voice channels with conferencing, as well as providing standard FDDI-I MAC capabilities. The has a card small foot print yet a fully functional independent node making it attractive to airborne distrubuted voice switching applications.

The software in the FMVS is written in C++ and was developed in the early to mid 1990's as part of the TAAATS VSCS project. The FMVS uses the RTEMS port of this software with improved performance.

The FMVS is used in the following products: