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    2121$ m68k-rtems-objdump -D --line-numbers --source --demangle  myapp.elf | less
     23= Hardware Assisted Debugging =
     26Embedded processors these days provide hardware assisted debugging. Typically the processor provides an interface which allows an external device the ability to take control of the processor. In the past hardware assisted debugging required an emulator. These were expensive, often difficult and fragile to connect to the target hardware and often limited in numbers in a project making debugging a time share operation. Any newer or faster processor usually required a new emulator. Todays microprocessors implement a range of functions found in emulators in the processor allowing every target the ability to be used for hardware assisted debugging.
     28Different microprocessors have different ways of the implementing hardware assisted debugging.
     30 * Freescale Coldfire and M683xx processors use Background Debug Mode (BDM).
     32 * ARM uses JTAG.
     34 * PowerPC MPC5xx and MPC8xx use BDM, while the rest of the PowerPC family uses various kinds of JTAG interfaces.
     35= Coldfire and M683xx BDM =
     38The BDM interface is a synchronous serial bus interface. The physical interface (connector) varies between the M683xx and Coldfire processor yet the way BDM works is similar. BDM is support by an Open Source Project which you can find here The BDM project's software uses a low cost pod that connects between your target hardware. You can use the older parallel port pods that connect to your PC's parallel port or you can use the newer USB pods.
     40The USB pod is an open source design called the Turbo BDM Light Coldfire (TBLCF) created by Daniel Malik. You can download the design and build yourself [] or you can obtain a manufactured pod from Axiom Manufacturing [].
     42If using a parallel port pod watch you get the correct pod. Different procesor speeds and core voltages require different pods. Newer pods should be able to handle the faster processors and different core voltages.
     44The latest version of the BDM software use a GDB server program and allows the use of the standard M68K GDB tool provided in the RTEMS binary tools packages.
    2345= Debugging a BSP =