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This BSP was submitted by EricNorum? and includes work done for other BSPs written by DPeterSiddons, TillStraumann?, BrettSwimley?, and JayMonkman?. It was added after the 4.6 release series.

The uCdimm ColdFire? 5282 is compact, easily integrated embedded hardware module designed to help product developers get their product to market fast. The uCdimm is based on the Motorola ColdFire? RISC MCF5282 (64 MHz) and includes 8/16 MB RAM, 4/8/16 MB Flash, Ethernet and CAN bus support making it suitable for various applications in the networking, industrial control and home automation space. Full information is available at:

This BSP uses the 64K of SRAM for FEC network buffer descriptors to increase performance.

Test Reports EricNorum? reports that this BSP runs EPICS. The tools used were gcc-3.4.3, binutils 2.16.1 and newlib 1.12.0 with no patches.