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This BSP was submitted by EricNorum? and includes work done for other BSPs written by DPeterSiddons, TillStraumann?, BrettSwimley?, and JayMonkman?. It was added after the 4.6 release series.

The uCdimm ~ColdFire? 5282 is compact, easily integrated embedded hardware module designed to help product developers get their product to market fast. The uCdimm is based on the Motorola ~ColdFire? RISC MCF5282 (64 Mhz) and includes 8/16 Mb RAM, 48/16 MbFlash?, Ethernet and CAN bus support making it suitable for various applications in the networking, industrial control and home automation space. Full information is available at:

This BSP uses the 64K of SRAM for FEC network buffer descriptors to increase performance.

Test Reports EricNorum? reports that this BSP runs EPICS. The tools used were gcc-3.4.3, binutils 2.16.1 and newlib 1.12.0 with no patches.