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Ts 386ex

{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = TS-1325 |Manufacturer = Technologic Systems |Board_URL = User Manual |Architecture = 80386 PC architecture |CPU_model = Intel 386EX |RAM = 2 MB DRAM |NVMEM = 512 KB Flash |Serial = Two COM serial ports |Video = Two color LED push switches |Other = No video output to monitors or keyboard input }}


A user manual for the board can be found here.

This BSP includes an Intel 386EX processor and is a standard 80386 compatible computer. Standard PC development tools including Turbo C and Quick Basic can be used for quick development. The included EMBEDDED BIOS has been tested to work with all major versions of DOS, as well as Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and NetWare? 386.

Board Setup

If there are special jumper or ROM monitor settings, describe them.

Downloading and Executing

Once you wrote your program on a PC, the Flash SSD on the TS-1325 can appear as a special drive on your computer using a device driver and a serial cable.

# Connect a null modem cable between the COM 2 port on the TS-1325 and COM 1 port on your computer # Place the TS-1325 in Manufacturing Mode by inserting a jumper on pins 1-2 of header H1 # Manufacturing Mode will automatically start after power-on and wait for serial packets to arrive # If you haven't done so already, install the Manufacturing Mode drive on your PC (consult the User Manual) # To download the program, simply copy it to the Flash SSD drive (usually D: or E:)


How do you debug code on this board? What gdb setup? BDM, stub, etc?

Test Reports

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